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Midnight Commander. Dateien mit SSH kopieren

An sich ein alter Hut. Kein neues Feature, aber man vergisst es manchmal:

How to Copy Files Between Servers via SSH Using Midnight Commander
If you are a system administrator, you should often need to copy files between servers. I think that the most useful tools for this is Midnight Commander (mc). I will show you how to establish a SSH connection to another server in this post.

My grandfather is a chimney

A: Since Mac OS X, this operating system is linux based.

B: No, here you can find the refence to mac os x’s kernel:

A: “unix-based”, there you have it

B: unix != linux

A: come on man… dont be so ultra exactly, linux is part of unix family

B: exactly.

based on the assumptions:

- mac os x is based on unix
- linux is based on unix

the statement:

- mac os x is based on linux

is wrong, because is a wrong sillogism.


- chimneys smoke
- my grandfather smokes

=> my grandfather is a chimney.

so, if you say that Mac OS X is unix-based, it’s correct, if you say that is linux-based, it’s wrong.

Damit wäre dies auch mal geklärt.


OSX Tools: dtrace

DTrace is a performance analysis and troubleshooting tool that is included by default with various operating systems, including Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. A Linux port is in development.

Damit kann man eine Menge über das System erfahren und was denn gerade so alles aktiv ist.

Ein man -k dtrace gibt eine Liste aus, was es alles an Befehlen gibt:
bitesize.d(1m)           - analyse disk I/O size by process. Uses DTrace
cpuwalk.d(1m)            - Measure which CPUs a process runs on. Uses DTrace
creatbyproc.d(1m)        - snoop creat()s by process name. Uses DTrace
dappprof(1m)             - profile user and lib function usage. Uses DTrace
dapptrace(1m)            - trace user and library function usage. Uses DTrace
diskhits(1m)             - disk access by file offset. Uses DTrace
dispqlen.d(1m)           - dispatcher queue length by CPU. Uses DTrace
dtrace(1)                - generic front-end to the DTrace facility
dtruss(1m)               - process syscall details. Uses DTrace
errinfo(1m)              - print errno for syscall fails. Uses DTrace
execsnoop(1m)            - snoop new process execution. Uses DTrace
fddist(1m)               - file descriptor usage distributions. Uses DTrace
filebyproc.d(1m)         - snoop opens by process name. Uses DTrace
hotspot.d(1m)            - print disk event by location. Uses DTrace
httpdstat.d(1m)          - realtime httpd statistics. Uses DTrace
iofile.d(1m)             - I/O wait time by file and process. Uses DTrace
iofileb.d(1m)            - I/O bytes by file and process. Uses DTrace
iopattern(1m)            - print disk I/O pattern. Uses DTrace
iopending(1m)            - plot number of pending disk events. Uses DTrace
iosnoop(1m)              - snoop I/O events as they occur. Uses DTrace
iotop(1m)                - display top disk I/O events by process. Uses DTrace
kill.d(1m)               - snoop process signals as they occur. Uses DTrace
lastwords(1m)            - print syscalls before exit. Uses DTrace
loads.d(1m)              - print load averages. Uses DTrace
newproc.d(1m)            - snoop new processes. Uses DTrace
opensnoop(1m)            - snoop file opens as they occur. Uses DTrace
pathopens.d(1m)          - full pathnames opened ok count. Uses DTrace
pidpersec.d(1m)          - print new PIDs per sec. Uses DTrace
plockstat(1)             - front-end to DTrace to print statistics about POSIX mutexes and read/write locks
priclass.d(1m)           - priority distribution by scheduling class. Uses DTrace
pridist.d(1m)            - process priority distribution. Uses DTrace
procsystime(1m)          - analyse system call times. Uses DTrace
runocc.d(1m)             - run queue occupancy by CPU. Uses DTrace
rwbypid.d(1m)            - read/write calls by PID. Uses DTrace
rwbytype.d(1m)           - read/write bytes by vnode type. Uses DTrace
rwsnoop(1m)              - snoop read/write events. Uses DTrace
sampleproc(1m)           - sample processes on the CPUs. Uses DTrace
seeksize.d(1m)           - print disk event seek report. Uses DTrace
setuids.d(1m)            - snoop setuid calls as they occur. Uses DTrace
sigdist.d(1m)            - signal distribution by process. Uses DTrace
syscallbypid.d(1m)       - syscalls by process ID. Uses DTrace
syscallbyproc.d(1m)      - syscalls by process name. Uses DTrace
syscallbysysc.d(1m)      - syscalls by syscall. Uses DTrace
topsyscall(1m)           - top syscalls by syscall name. Uses DTrace
topsysproc(1m)           - top syscalls by process name. Uses DTrace
weblatency.d(1m)         - website latency statistics. Uses DTrace

Mehr Details und Beispiele gibt es hier.

Dennis Ritchie verstorben

Der Computerwissenschaftler ist an den Folgen einer nicht näher genannten Krankheit im Alter von 70 Jahren verstorben. Ritchie war unter anderem Träger der US-amerikanischen Medal of Technology.

Unix-Mitbegründer Dennis Ritchie verstorben

Und schon wieder ist einer der wegweisenden Menschen im Bereich Computertechnologie verstorben.